Sucrose of our honey is under 2 % Honey is considered one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthiest foods. Having it in our daily diet gives us vitality and contributes to a healthier and longer life . A solid, crystallized and raw honey is a sign of a natural process, due to its great purity, We produce all our honey organically without the use of heating or filtration and only use organic compounds to care for our bees.

Thyme Honey

It comes from bees feeding on the small flowers on the thyme plant. Our thyme honey has a medium clear reddish visual appearance, a floral aroma with a denoted phenolic component, a very intense and persistenin the mouth sweet taste, with clear acid notes. The herb is widely used in cooking and traditional cures.


Thyme Honey is special as it contains one of the highest antioxidant activity ratings in the world, three to four times higher than other honeys

Wildflowers Honey

Wildflower Honey prepared by our bees, originating from various wild flowers. The honey is freshly packed without harmful additives or preservatives. Apart from the freshness, the natural taste is what makes it better.


It is also a storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and sugars wildflower honey reduces the effect of free radicals and curbs the risk of chronic disease like cancer.

Sumac Honey

Organic Sumac honey is usually harvested from areas where 80% of those areas are with plant species called sumac and Rhus coriaria species. This honey with a pleasant taste, aroma and rich in medicinal properties, is harvested in autumn. The high medicinal properties of sumac honey make this product useful for diabteic person.


Rich in Antioxidants – Reducing cholesterol

Milkvetch Honey

Milk Vetch Honey is a special type of honey with a soft and wonderful taste and aroma of Astragalus flowers.


  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • protect liver cells against certain toxins
  • Immune Boosting                        
  • Longevity                             
  • Heart Health                           
  • Reduces Stress